Global Committee

The Global Committee is a friendly group that aims to give all Wizzies an opportunity to experience different cultures and allow international students to meet other Wizzies through many events. This committee wishes to celebrate all the Wizzies at college and the unique cultures that they come from, while ensuring that everyone has the best stay at college. Our group welcomes any Wizzie, whether you’re an international student, a returning expat, or even just an Australian with an interest in all things international – everyone is welcome!

The Global committee plans exciting events including the College/Community Group Easter Market Promotion Booth, Meet and Greets, Movie Nights with international and local snacks, Chinese & Western Calligraphy Experience Sessions and much more. Recently, the Global Committee has decided to also working with the college’s Community Group in doing charity and fund-raising events.

You can become a member of the Global Committee through the Facebook group or look out for posts about upcoming events in the Women’s page. And of course, you could send the convenors a Facebook private message to join or ask them any questions or even suggestions of events.

We hope to see you in our future events!


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