LGBTQI+ and Allies

The LGBTQI+ and Allies Committee aims to make all Women’s feel included and create awareness surrounding issues which affect the LGBTQI+ community. All Wizzies are encouraged to join the community to discuss and share LGBTQI+-themed articles and resources. The committee also hosts meetings, speeches and notifies the group of upcoming events in the wider community.

Useful LGBTQI+ Resources




Sydney University SHADES
SHADES is a society at the University of Sydney that organises social events for LGBT students and their friends. They put on several events a semester ranging from large themed parties to Speaker’s Nights and everybody is welcome, no matter what shade you are! See their Facebook group for more information.

Queer Space – Holme Building Ground Level
The Queerspace is an autonomous room open to all queer-identifying and questioning students. The Queerspace provides a safe place where all people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, or otherwise sex and/or gender diverse can relax in an accepting and inclusive environment. Due to the Holme redevelopement, the Queer Space has been relocated to Holme Meeting room 1, Ground floor of the Holme Building: There’s a library, microwave, a fridge, and couches, so you can chill out and relax. Come on down whenever you’d like!  If you have any questions or suggestions for the space, get in touch with the USU Queer Coordinators at

Queer Action Collective (QuAC)
QuAC is a collective that works together to make University and the wider community a safer and more inclusive place for queer and questioning students. Within the SRC, it hosts and organises a wide range of workshops and social events.


AIDS Council of NSW (ACON)
ACON is Australia’s largest community-based LGBT health and HIV/AIDS organisation. They promote the health and wellbeing of the LGBT community and run free groups and workshops.

Twenty10 (incorporating Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service of NSW)
Twenty10 is a support organisation located just down the road from Sydney Uni which caters to LGBTI people under the age of 26. They welcome daytime drop-ins, offering a TV, computers, lounges, games, drinks and washing machines; host monthly dinners, groups and activities; and also provide temporary accomodation for emergency situations.

QLife is a community service that provides free, anonymous and confidential telephone and online chat counseling for LGBTI people. Visit the website or call 1800 184 527.

Sexual Health Info Line – 1800 451 624

USYD Counselling and Psychological Service (CAPS)
CAPS provides a range of resources and for USYD students, including workshops and free individual counselling.


Gay News Network
Magazine for “not so straight girls”.

Monthly magazine for lesbians.

Sydney Star Observer
Sydney gay and lesbian free weekly newspaper.

SX Magazine
Sydney gay and lesbian free weekly magazine.

These publications and more are available from the Women’s College library. For more information contact the Rainbow Rep.

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