Room Allocation Process 2020

Students returning to college in 2021 can participate in the Room Allocation process, to be completed during STUVAC of Semester 2, 2020.

The Room Points Tally will be made available and updated as semester progresses. Any disputes about the total room points for a student must be done in accordance with the Room Allocation Guidelines, which require submission of a hard-copy dispute form.

Students will be able to see the map of available rooms, which will be updated until the end of Week 11 if needed.

Students will be required to fill in a form that indicates at least 1 (ONE) preference for room in 2021. Students can fill up to 20 (TWENTY). Students can only fill this form in ONCE, and only the first submission will be counted if multiple submissions occur (no exceptions).

The form can be found at this link:

If students wish, they can complete a list of up to 5 (FIVE) names of girls whom they wish, or wish not, to be placed near. This will need to be submitted as a hard copy, to be placed under the door of the Outgoing Secretary (M335). You will also need to send an email to to acknowledge you have done so (but this email must NOT include the names you have written down).


9:00am Monday 9th November: Preferences form OPENS.

9:00am Tuesday 10th November: Disputes box will be placed in reception.

12:00pm Monday 23rd November: Disputes will CLOSE.

9:00am Tuesday 24th November: Preferences will CLOSE.

Friday 27th November: 2021 Room Allocations will be published


(Attach here the Room Allocation Guidelines, Map of College Rooms, Dispute Form)