The timetable for Women’s College Tutorials, Semester 1, 2021 are here. New tutorials and times are added regularly so watch this space. Please consult the tutor for time changes. If you have any queries about the timetable please email the Vice Principal, Natalie Smith: NSmith@thewomenscollege.com.au


The Women’s College Tutorial Timetable
– see which subjects are being tutored and the tutorial schedule


The Women’s College currently is operating with a limited visitor policy so the Semester 1, 2021 so the Tutorial Program is being conducted mainly online, via zoom.  

Students from other colleges – you are welcome to join our tutorial program. Please contact the Vice Principal (NSmith@thewomenscollege.com.au) or our tutorial support (tutorials.womens@gmail.com) to check for details.

Other College timetables: If Women’s College students would like to attend tutorials at any of the other colleges, please speak to the Vice Principal, Natalie Smith, or contact the tutor directly, if the contact details are provided. Email: NSmith@thewomenscollege.com.au

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