Welcome to The Women’s College Wiki

The Women’s College Wiki is the student-run website of the Women’s College. Look around to check out what college life is like!

Prospective students, there are so many different activities and events to get involved in, not to mention college clubs as well! They can all be found under the main tabs along the top of the site. Have a look around to see if any of these suit you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, the main Women’s page also provides a wealth of information on college-related-topics such as admissions and scholarships. Also don’t hesitate to get in contact with reception via phone (9517 5000) or email (reception@thewomenscollege.com.au) if you have any questions.

Current college students, keep an eye on the Wiki page ‘Calendar & Upcoming Events,’ to keep track of some exciting events this semester and download a copy of the college calendar so you never miss any of the Palladian or Rosebowl action. It can be found in the TWC Portal. Also don’t forget to keep up with tutorials and the weekly menu, as well as general useful resources here.


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